dimanche 12 janvier 2014


Mer (indigne)

Un petit poème inspiré par la fête de la musique 2013 à Clermont.

Groupes dont l'énergie compense la sono foireuse
Bancs de jeunes et flots de Kro tiédasse
Épaves humaines dans une rue houleuse
Mer de pisse et coquillage de tessons.

The OG on the heap

Une tentative de rap. J'ai gardé le fond (enfin, le fond d'un certain rap) : i got bigger gunz, moar bitchiz than you. And you suck. And i'm a real gangsta from the streetz. And I rap harder. Fuck you. Mais en y mettant du geek dedans. Dans le titre, si besoin, le OG sur le heap c'est l'OldGeneration space, pas The Real OG.

I got more rhymes than lines in teh Amazon databases
Yours are so unpopular, gc hastens their release
Your flow is so stu-stu-stu-ttering i need git rebase
Mine: anyone can grok it and at my mastery gaze
My posse rules these streets and has more rights than root
We come to your hideout: you weaklings have already fled out
You skedaddled so fast your runaway protocol solves TCP congestion
Come the final assault, y'all can't man -k your position
It's no surprise you get a mighty shell-acking:
Dumb script-kiddie, you don't know nuttin' bout hacking
You rap like a machine that's not even Turing-complete
Don't bother, with me you can't compete
Were you born with -------v on to be so verbose?
All I hear for my beats and rhymes is applause!